Pictures of Identical Twins

Usually the first question strangers ask me is, "Twins? Are the identical?". My answer is yes and yes.  It makes me feel like such an idiot when people then say, "They arrrrrrre? Are you sure? They don't look it." I don't care if they are or aren't, but it's annoying to argue something that they asked in the first place. I always have to explain that there was one placenta and one sack (chorion) with a thin membrane dividing the two babes. And while this is the most common type of identical twins, I suppose there is a small chance that the placenta fused and blah blah blah. In short: The only way to know for sure is to take a DNA test.
I'm sort of tempted to get one. Or perhaps a photoshopped official looking DNA Identical Twin certificate will do. Shrunken down to fit in my wallet. And laminated! That would save me $160 dollars and give me the last word every time. "Look here, it's an official DNA test certificate! Proof!" Nope, that won't work. I feel like an idiot for even thinking of that idea.
Here's the pictures I took today. I wanted to put them side by side for comparison. They do look different, I know. But I promise they're identical. If Owen would stop scowling for one second, I could prove it. Maybe I should just say fraternal and be done with it. But, secretly, I think it's cooler if they are identical. Maybe I do care. Someone draft up a certificate stat!
What about you? Do you have twins? Are people always arguing what type they are?


  1. adorable boys! I sat here and tried to tell them apart...but nope. no way. cute blog :)

  2. I would have guessed fraternal but I totally believe you! :) We get asked all the time if Andy and Natalie are twins. They are 17 months apart and are the exact same height and weight. They look a lot alike too. Luckily, no one has asked if they are identical! LOL We've even been asked a few times if they are triplets. 3 kids, 3 years.

  3. I always thought they looked identical, but these close up pictures really show their differences. Either way, they are really, really beautiful little boys.

  4. I never knew people would ask so many annoying questions about twins until I had mine.
    I also love the "wow, you really have your hands full" comments I get on a daily basis.
    Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Target shoppers.

  5. My somewhat arrogant doctor told me that my twins were 100% identical from the get-go. But my sister-in-law was told that hers were identical as well, until they found out the placenta had fused. So she was the one who first planted the seeds of doubt. People would say, "Are you sure they're identical? They don't look exactly alike." And I would be annoyed, because I wanted to know for sure. THEN, one day I was reading about twin to twin transfusion syndrome (which my girls had) and there it was: "TTTS ONLY occurs in identical twins" and Bam! Peace of mind at last. Back off, naysayers!

  6. To be honest with you I think they DO look alike. Looking at their features separately I find they both have the same nose, same eyes and almost same lips. They are adorable..
    Just found your blog this week and I'm enjoying it a lot ;)

  7. My vote is identical.

    I was asked if Clark and Willa are twins. HUH? WHAT? For real? Clark was 3 weeks old and Willa was 2 yrs. Open your eyes dumb girl! Just because they are in a double stroller DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE TWINS.

    Moe and I were asked if we were twins at Wet n Wild once - yeah for me. We were in bathing suits. haha

  8. Are they even brothers? They don't look alike at all.


  9. Meme-and-he: Thanks!
    GoodsonFL@aol.com : haha. that's crazy! i'm in the 3 kids in three year club too. Since my daughter's such a shrimp I get the triplets question a lot as well.
    Rischel: haha! thanks!
    Mary: haha--yes! the hands full comment. i hope i remember neeever to say that to anyone. so funny we all here the same stuff.
    Hailey: yes, i've heard that too. I didn't know they had TTS, so scary! i actually don't know if we ever talked about our birth storied. that's good material. next time over macarons perhaps.
    Gaby: thanks for checking my blog out! I thought their noses looked the same too.
    Lindsay: haha. that's crazy/stupid! but she does fit into his pants (loved that picture). I would love to be either you or Moe's identical twin. but then i reallllly wouldn't have had chance with Nick Brown. haha
    Jeannine: haha sadly, i do get that too. oh small talk, isn't it great.

  10. oh wow. a million typos in that post. ignore please!

  11. I have a twin brother, and when people find our they ask me if we are identical....I try so hard to bite my tongue and not call them idiots...obviously we are not identical, he's a boy and I'm a girl!!

  12. I just had twin boys in January, and I was told early in my pregnancy that they were identical. As soon as I saw them for the first time I really didn't think they looked identical.. Now I look at your boys (by the way are very adorable!!) and they remind me of my twins, one has a thinner face then the other... The question that I'm asked all the time and that I hate so much is Do twins run in your family??? And the answer is no!!

  13. I have identical twin girls that are 5 years old. I don't even like to talk to strangers anymore because of all the blah strangers that talk to me. I for sure never talk to any strangers that have twins. I feel like I'm doing them a big favor. :)

  14. i have boy and girl twins and my 2 favorite questions are, "did you try for twins?" and "are they identical?". seriously, people! ;)

  15. First off LOVE your blog! Reading it is part of my routine in the morning at work before I really start "working." haha

    Living in NYC had always been a dream of mine until I made it happen a few years ago. I'm back in Cali now, but I still consider it my favorite city.

    Ok, back to the point of my comment....I am a identical twin and have had to answer to the exact same questions that annoy you for the past 26 years of my life. My friends would argue with us saying that they didn't believe us. SO a few months ago we went in to get the DNA test....and not to any surprise we are IDENTICAL! I almost feel like we did it just so people would stop bugging us. BTW i like your idea of laminating it and keeping it in my purse at all times. haha

    ....some people still argue with us that we are not! ugh!

  16. 'Cause it's their business? My son, Harry, has a BFF who is 5 months younger than he {my dearst friend's youngest son} named Oscar. Both Oscar and Harry have blonde hair, but Oscar's is MUCH lighter. Oscar has green eyes, and Harry has huge brown eyes. Oscar is very big for his age and Harry is a skinny tall child. BUT, {because their mommas are a teeny bit evil} we dress them to match {and always have} and people ALWAYS ask, "Are they twins?" Sometimes I say yes and sometimes I admit that they're not.

  17. I can't believe I am reading this, I have the same issue right down to the shared chorion, and placenta- however my twins are 8 year old girls. I DID get them DNA tested because I just couldn't stand it, I knew they had to be, but so many people questioned me and made me feel like an idiot even though I knew I wasn't. The test did confirm they were identical but I do get sick of explaining it. Thanks for shareing they are adorable, and I think they do look alike, very much so-only difference I see is a mole. : ) Tried to post a pic, I will try again....

  18. Well pics won't work, if you want to see them for comparison sake from another mom with "nonidentical" identical twins e-mail me- kristintwinmommy@yahoo.com

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