NYC sans kids

Kids are great, but so risky. Look at my boys scaling the rocks along the East River. Someone hire a babysitter stat. I'm obviously not taking proper care of them. I'm too focused on my shot of the Brooklyn Bridge!

When parenthood gets to this point, it's time to discover the city sans kids. Here's a list of my recommendations for a couple visiting NYC. Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, shopping on Madison Ave have been left off on purpose. I'm sure my list will evolve over time. Did I miss anything?

1. Go to Lincoln Center to see the ballet, opera, or symphony. Even if you don't love either of those things, the experience is worth it. Dinner: Across the street Cafe Fiorello. Must order the fresh mozzarella sampler and the chocolate moose. And then choose anything off the antipasti menu. Not the spaghetti.
2. The MET, buy an audio tour, afterwards walk a few blocks and eat at E.A.T.
3. The Museum of Natural History. Afterwards eat at the Shake Shack across the street. Order hamburger, french fries, and a milk shake. Not a hot dog.
4. The NY Botanical Garden. Take the 20 minute train ride out of Grand Central Station. Before you leave, take a quick tour of the station.
5. The Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Afterwards eat at Tom's (not to be confused with Tom's Restaurant from Seinfield--don't eat there! horrible!)
7. See a Broadway Show for cheap! (click on link for details)
8. Go to Top of the Rock. totally tourist thing to do, but I've been 3 times and love it!  Go to the basement and eat at Hale and Hearty Soup.
9. Buy lunch foods at Zabar's, walk to Central Park, picnic at the Great Lawn, walk to Belvedere Castle.
10. NYC Public Library, buy a sandwich from 'wichcraft, and eat it outside at Bryant Park.
11. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge!
12. The High Line Park. A Must! Afterwards eat at Chelsea Market. I can't believe I forgot this one. Thanks Amanda.


  1. Hi-Line Park. And then go for drinks at the Frying Pan. Or get ice cream in the park at one of the stands. but the Frying pan is pretty fun. Don't bother with the food though.

  2. thanks amanda! just added it. i've never been to the frying pan. i should check it out.

  3. Bad experience with hot dogs at the museum?

  4. Haha no. The hamburgers are better :)

  5. You forgot to suggest standing outside the Today Show with a homeade sign. Matching t-shirts with a "funny" saying or picture optional.

  6. I STILL haven't been to High Line Park yet! It's on my agenda... Especially right now because the weather has been so perfect.

    We're going to see War Horse at Lincoln Center next month... It got great reviews. But I haven't been to LC yet.

    (and how about DON'T take a photo with the Naked Cowboy?)

  7. Got the link. awesome ideas. MY


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