Natural History Museum

I've always been annoyed by parents who think everything their kids do is exceptional.  That being said: I think Oscar's dinosaur impression is legitimately funny. Did I just become that mom?  And I was also impressed by Owen's Telescope DIY. He insisted on viewing the museum through it. Again: Brilliant kid or psycho proud parent? Am I my own worst nightmare?  Give it to me straight. Anonymous comments are welcome!

All pictures by me at the Museum of Natural History


  1. LOVE the dinosaur impression!

  2. Your kids are cute. How's that for straight. -bw

  3. Genius!

    -(biased mom of twins)

  4. Dinosaur impression: funny
    Telescope DYI: cute, but not brilliant

  5. Considering in the past you have given the kids binoculars in museums and this time he created his own "viewer", I think that's pretty smart! But it is true that whatever your own kids do is amazing. When J said "Dada" last week, Mike and I got REALLY excited. If someone else's kid did that we would've politely smiled. It's just the way it is with your own kids, I guess, and that's ok. It feels good when your parents are proud of you!

  6. I think the boys are totally adorable and your photos are sooo nice!!!


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