NYC Style Guide: Dressing Kids

Living in NYC has taught me a thing or two about fashion. The women and men on the streets look amazing! And their kids? Super stylish too. It didn't take me long to figure out their secrets and snatch up a few good deals. Here's a list of my sources. Did I miss something?

The Boys:
1. Suspenders from American Apparel. I've replaced belts for suspenders. Most of the time.
2. Skinny jeans from H&M. They sell unisex skinny jeans for $10 in the girls department. So the boys get Ella's hand me downs (as seen above in grey).
3. Cardigans from American Apparel. A splurge for children's clothes but my kids literally wear these everyday. Gender neutral colors make it easy to share, and it doesn't hurt that all my kids where the same size. As with all American Apparel clothes, buy 3 of the same item get 15% off. Helps a little.
4. T-shirts. $5 dollar each at Old Navy.
5. Shoes: $19.99 for All-Stars at Sears. Sears usually has the best deals on Converse All-Stars.

Ella is same as the boys mixed with $3 dollar tank tops from H&M, various skirts (thanks Liz for sewing the flower one above!), and:
1. Silly Tights from American Apparel.
2. Saddle Shoes $14.99 from Payless.com. Today I bought Ella's new current size, and one size up at the BOGO sale. Free shipping to store. Also, if you enter "42531" in coupon code box, you get 20% off at checkout.  It comes out to around $10 for each pair.

When all else fails, the Superhero costumes are always a hit.


  1. I just found your blog through Jordan Ferney. I LOVE those tights on your daughter!

  2. I love the way your kids dress. I showed this post to my husband and he said "Oh yeah, our kids will dress like that. Because they look well dressed, but not like prissy Mama's boys. They still look like they could get into trouble. Not like Gap Kids."

  3. rebeccah louise: haha. gap kids!

  4. WOW! Yep most stylsih kiddos ever. SO cute!!

    Delighted Momma

  5. They are so well put together - a bunch of basics and great styling! I am inspired!

  6. Wow. I LOVE your children's style. My 3 year old insists on dressing himself....and so I'm stuck with either an Ironman costume or brown and green warm up pants paired with a black and red t-shirt topped off with mismatched superhero socks. *sigh* And he'd look so darn cute in suspenders and skinny jeans.

  7. your boys are too cute! it's great to see stylin' boys. i must try this with my son!

  8. love the way you dress your kids, so effortless, casual, practical yet stylish


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  10. Oh sweet honorable god you really have learned a thing or two! I am bookmarking this post and I plan to use these tips when I go shopping next for my daughter! THANK YOU so much! This is amazing!

    I Can Be Many Things

  11. I love it. They're so cute.
    And I agree with Rebecca--adorable but not too made up. They still look like kids, not stuffy mini-mes. Great advice.

  12. This post is great! I'm now on the hunt for suspenders for my little guy. I really enjoy reading your blog. Good luck with your job hunt!

  13. Kids lifes are full of enjoyment and these baby dresses make them more colorful . So cute these babies are looking. It's nice to see these all .Hope you will also post some of these posts related to baby diapers . Thanks .

  14. Very nice blog, kids shown in the pics carry these beautiful outfits very confidently. Nice work, keep the good work going.

    Miss grant microbe

  15. Oh, my goodness! This is top notch beauty!

  16. I love how your kids groom themselves! The fashion statement is pretty basic, but they know how to carry those shirts with style and confidence. It is truly a fact that when you know how to groom yourself, any outfit will complement you. :)

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