80 is the magic number

 As soon as the tempeture hit 80 degrees (around 12pm today), a couple of guys walked onto the playground and turned on the sprinklers. For a second, I'm sure these guys felt like they have the best job in the world. It was a pretty thrilling site to see all the kids gasp and squeal and run circles around the hippos.  Let the summer games begin! 
For a list of some of the best sprinklers and water features in NYC click here and here. Both lists are not comprehensive. Basically every park I've ever been to in Manhattan has some sort of water feature, some better than others. Can't wait to find my favorite. I heard the one on 79th and Riverside is one of the best. What is your favorite park in NYC to get wet? Do you love/hate the sprinklers at your parks? Or backyard (lucky you!)?   
 Which reminds me, the wet bathing suits are still in the tub. I need to hang them up. I think we'll try this again tomorrow.  Whatever we do, I'll make sure one of the boys wears the red shorts. I'm 3 for 3 this week.   


  1. The joy in Oscar's face is priceless!!

  2. i love the water at nyc playgrounds. we live a little more north than you so we usually play at different playgrounds on a day to day basis... my go-to for summer sprinkler fun is 117 and riverside. 116 and morningside is fun too. i like the ones in central park too, so we will have to make sure we make it over there more this summer! i am SO happy the water is on... the kids have been having non-stop fun!

  3. oh i love summer in nyc! your family is gorgeous and your blog is so fabulous. I am thrilled I found it-- and we will have to compare mama of three stories! wb

  4. We've turned the sprinkler on already this year. Once in January, and again the beginning of this month.


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