Union Square Farmers Market

My friend Corinne and her sweet daughter came with me and the boys to the Union Square Farmers Market.  I like that on Fridays, the market is smaller and slower than on Saturday. Owen filled his bag with 5 pounds of apples. Oscar felt satisfied with two perfect red apples. My shopping list included: mushrooms, bread, and yogurt. It was all going well until my boys had to go to the bathroom four times (plus an accident somehow!). Sadly Corinne saw the reality of taking 3 year old twins around the city.  It's not terribly different than the blog, but not nearly as pretty either.  While I can't fool her anymore, I hope somebody out there still is! Instead of taking pictures, my time was divided between the bathroom and talking to Corinne. A pile of dirty mushrooms is all I got to show for today.


  1. Going out with you and the kids is always a fun adventure, even with all the accidents. I miss hanging out!

  2. Thanks Erika! I miss you too.

  3. Ok. So I wasn't really expecting capes and super heroes. BUT, the amount of potty breaks was surprising (I think it was more like 10 with 1 accident). All in good fun.


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