Spring Break: Day One

I can't think of a better thing to do on the first day of spring break than fly a kite. Looking at the kids faces, I don't think they could either. Here's everyone on the Great Lawn in Central Park. Where's Owen? Asleep on a picnic blanket with a fever. What to do when you have two perfectly heathly kids and one sick kid? Everyone stay home? Bring pillows and Tylenol (or whatever fever reducing medicine is acceptable these days) for the sicky? I chose to go out. He slept in the stroller or the ground the whole time. He was a trooper.  A day later, he woke up hungry and in perfect health.  Still torn on my decision though. What would you have done?


  1. Your life looks dreamy :) Enjoy the beautiful New York spring and summer - San Francisco's dreary summer seems to be starting early!

    Also, I think you made the right choice. That's what stroller's are for, right??

  2. If it is not cold outside, and yes you have a stroller for him to rest....then I would say you did the right thing. You go girrl.


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