Paris Souvenirs: Part One

I had to use every ounce of self control not to over spend in Paris. I've been home a week, and I still feel really good about my purchases. I'll start this series with the mini bowls I bought at the flea market. I've seen similar ones at Anthropologie, but I liked the colors of these better.  I'm especially in love with the orange one on top. We've used them for everything: sliced apples for breakfast, ice cream (of course), and tonight I put green beans in them to entice the kids to eat their vegetables. It only worked on Owen. Now that the bowls have been immortalized on my blog, my kids are free to break them. What a relief!


  1. Ah, the wonderful Paris flee market. Next time you come up to see me I will show you my finds the winter of 1974 Betsy

  2. lovely! is this picture with your new camera? so pretty!

  3. Ha ha I know what you mean - once a souvenir or other cool item is properly documented (ahem blogged) then I feel So much better about people/kids/family using it.
    I want my kids to grow up in an hands on environment! p.s. don't forget to make cafe au lait in your bowls for a french moment!


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