Paris Souvenirs: Part 2

I used up the last of my Euros on a fist full of Eiffel Towers for the kids. I adore that it's so kitschy. It's all part visiting major tourist cities. NYC has Statue of Liberty replicas. Orlando, Mickey Mouse ears. And the entire state of Idaho, potatoes. Who doesn't love receiving a giant potato from someone who just visited Idaho? Let me serve this as a warning about the Eiffel Tower replicas: around 30 minutes after giving it to your child, you will step on it. Try not to swear and have a speech ready. I chose the classic parental threat: If I find this on the floor ever again, it will go straight into the trash. I give it one more week and then it's Au Revoir Eiffel Tower!


  1. Love it! I still use the keychain Eiffel Tower Dad and Fran got us. (Your new camera is really great, by the way.)

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