Paris Souvenirs: Art

Photo by one of the Ferneys
 Jordan and I found the artwork (below) of a blue haired boy on the ground, leaning against some furniture at the Paris Flea Market. Oh the Paris Flea Market! I could have spent my whole weekend there. Millions Trillions of alleyways bursting with anything imaginable. Pillows, knobs, wigs, hats, clocks, party supplies. It was like I was seeing the originals before they get copied and massed produced by Anthropologie.  
In regards to the painting: It probably caught every ones eye when they walked down they alleyway. It was by no means hidden. And how haunting he is! Is it even a boy? Is it junk and not purchased by so many for a reason? I loved it regardless and bought it. I was worried about getting it home in one piece though. So I taped all my clothes around it, put it in my suitcase, and bid it farewell when I checked it in at the airport. Luckily the frame and glass survived! I think it looks good in our living room, despite the fact that it scares the kids. Completely understandable. I'm using it as a way to make them more resilient.


  1. It scares me too!!!...Put a blanket over it at night:)LOL

  2. I think it's a girl (do boys wear shorts that tiny?) Definately haunting and unique, kinda like that doll we gave Richard for Christmas. What did he do with that?

  3. It's in the corner of the garage. Everytime I look in its direction, I think the head is going to start spinning. Creepy music is playing in my head as I write this.....lol


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