He is Risen! (see hat below)

I slept threw church and therefore backed out of three of my responsibilities: teaching, reading a few scriptures, and helping Ella with a small speech. At 12pm, I took two Tylenols and two Dayquils and dragged myself out the door to drop Ella off at famous the Easter Parade on Fifth Ave.  The Parade is a casual one. No bands or floats. The city simply closes down part of Fifth Ave so people walk down the street and show off their fancy Easter hats. It's been a tradition since the 1800's. Ella's been looking forward to wearing a matching dress and hat with her cousin Henrietta all week. Here's the pictures I took before I went home and crashed. Thanks to all the people that covered for me at church. Also thanks to Brian and Emily for watching Ella all day and for making the hats. Perhaps I have strep throat? There was a moment when the girls were surrounded by paparazzi that I forgot about being sick. I was so proud. If only my voice was better, I could have yelled out: Smile girls! Ok, try a serious face. Now Dance! Again! Spin! Maybe it's better I was sick after all.


  1. What darling girls! I want to hear more about your walk at the parade, so fun. Yet so sorry you're sick. What do you need, can I help?

  2. NYC is my favorite place on earth! I so enjoy your blog. Love the new look, cheery, springy. Hope you feel better very soon. When we stay in NYC we are at the Beacon Hotel across from the Fairview Market! I love that area, so close to many wonderful things....you live around there? If so, I am even more envious. ;-)

  3. I was sick too. You got more done then I did just taking those few pics. Those girls are so cute. I LOVE reading you blog!

  4. Heidi: I'm fine :) Thanks for asking. you should go to the parade next year. it was festive to say the least.
    Cathy: Yes, that's my area! Walking to the Museum of Natural History is pretty awesome. Thanks for reading :)
    Lizzie: Thanks for reading! Hope you feel better soon.

  5. am i the only one who see's boobies on the hats?? haha..i had to comment!

  6. karen: haha their dad/uncle made the hats. it wouldn't surprise me if it was intentional!

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