about forgiveness

When I saw all the cherry blossoms around the Great Lawn, I started to forgive NYC for that horrible horrible winter. As we were walking around, I asked the boys what colors they saw in the trees. Owen was the first to answer. He confidently said, "Brown!". I was hoping for a response of pink or white, but I wasn't surprised that he focused on the dark brown branches. That's Owen. We had a picnic lunch, bought some warm roasted cashews from a street vendor, and walked over to the Shakespeare Garden. After the boys ran through the garden, I had completely forgiven the city for winter. Here's to hoping spring is as wonderful as everyone told me it would be. And less brown! Even if that's the color Owen's going to focus on anyway.


  1. um, are there studs in oscar's belt. what a rockstar

  2. haha. it came with the pants! H&M.


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