that one of the benefits of walking everywhere is that i can stop.

*Behind me is Riverside Park. I did not take this picture in the middle of the street. 
When I took this picture, I stopped my normal series of questions that run through my head constantly: Is anything falling out of the stroller? Are we going to make it across the street before this light turns red? Did I brush my teeth this morning? Deodorant too? What is the weather going to be today? Did I pack gloves for myself? When was the last time the boys used the bathroom? Is my stroller going to fit between that building and that tree?
Instead, I stopped, held my iPhone up as high as I could reach and took this picture. Sometimes seeing building after huge building makes me feel little and insignificant. This time it made me feel like I was home.
After I took this picture and had this silly thoughtful moment, I continued pushing the kids and began planning dinner. I knew I had pine nuts, garlic, olives, and olive oil. So I could sauté everything together and mixed it with some wide egg noodles and Parmesan cheese.  For dessert, baked grapefruit with bubbling brown sugar.  Dinner/dessert turned out well.
The day ended with Owen demanding a cold grapefruit.


  1. Being a new mom has meant lots of tv while feeding J and getting her back to sleep. Anyways, I've been watching Sex and the City and Ugly Betty reruns the most and both take place in Manhattan. Maybe it's because they glamorize the city, but it really looks like a great place to be. Enjoy it!

  2. BAKED grapefruit with brown sugar? Why have i never heard of this before???


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