how to declare war on a mouse

Since moving to my apartment, I have:
A. Seen a mouse running on my counter top
B. Had a mouse run over my barefoot
C. Seen mouse feces on the glue traps I've set out
D. All of the above

The answer is D. It's me against the mouse at this point. My Super gave me all the mouse traps and bags of poison to kill 500 mice. That was a week ago. Nothing has been caught.  Tomorrow he's pulling out the cabinets and looking for any holes. If that doesn't work, he's calling an exterminator.

As gross as all this is, it gave us a kick start on our spring cleaning. Last night, we removed every pot, pan, and silverware from the cabinets and hand washed them. We ran out of our Trader Joe's multi surface cleaner as we scrubbed every part of the kitchen (walls, floors, inside the stove, etc). So then we went into super green cleaning mode and wiped inside all the cabinets with vinegar. Then wiped with hydrogen peroxide.
Once we were done with the kitchen, we went to sleep. In the morning, I went into each room and vacuumed and swept every crumb. I also organized all the clutter in the closets and under the beds. The house has never looked better. Spring cleaning is done. All it took was 1.5 days and the boys watching a whole lot of cartoons. Now I need is spring to arrive and for the mouse to die. CB2 is selling a 2 foot high mouse pet that I will gladly accept as my trophy when this is over. Seen above.


  1. haaa you and your super green cleaning. good luck getting that mouse!!

  2. I have a feeling there is more than one mouse!:( I hope they find the hole!!:) That's great you started Spring Cleaning:) Love ya:)

  3. uh oh.... this makes me nervous! but haven't seen anything here {yet} {knocks on wood}

  4. ha ha. we discovered a mouse at our last place and i immediately went to the hardware store and bought 20 old fashioned mouse traps. i put them EVERYWHERE and then, at 10:45 pm, we heard a snap. we caught the mouse ... i kind of felt bad, he looked so helpless. i got over it.

  5. keep the traps set..CONSTANTLY. hate to say it..but where there is one..there are many. leave zero food out.
    we have an old house and have these field mice come in every winter..I HATE it! but traps seem to work.


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