how to be a Central Park runner

Last week I ran in Central Park for nine miles. It was part beautiful, part humiliating.  Beautiful in that I saw parts of the park I'd never seen before. I loved running with masses of people. It had the same energy as a race. The humiliating part was that I was constantly getting passed up. I wondered a few times: Am I really that slow?  But dismissed that thought and continued on my way. Eventually I found my pace behind a 75 year old man, who ran hunched over with his neck slightly turned to the left. We both ran an 11 minute mile pace. By my 8th mile, I passed him out of pride.


  1. Go Sharon,Go!:)

  2. ahahahaaa sharon this is hilarious!
    i ran a marathon when i was 18. there were people running a 50 MILE race (yes you read that correctly) that began at MY race's end. a 65 year old man passed me once, touched my start, and passed me again! i was just happy to be alive by the finish line. =]

  3. Oh, Sharon, thanks for the laugh. I'd be walking behind the octagenarian.


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