everyone needs a break from nyc

Soon, really soon, I'll be visiting my friend Jordan Ferney in Paris, France. I can't wait. Above is a picture her husband Paul took (click here for all of her Paris blog posts). They live 100 ft from the Eiffel Tower. Here's the email I sent her in regards to the things I want to see/do:

1. eat chocolate/bread/pastries/cheese/moose/wine?
2. walk/run. my preferred mode of transportation. 
3. it would be fun to find an Easter dress for Ella and Easter outfits for the boys. I want to buy new french style backpacks for the kids. 
4. Eiffel tower
5. flea market

6. musée d'Orsay or Louvre
7. centre georges pompidou
8. notre-dame cathédrale or any church's/cathedrals you think are cool

Most of all i want to get the slow version of Paris. I don't have to make it past #5 on my list. If all i did was walk around, see pretty things, and eat good food I would be happy. i'll go back someday when the kids are in high school and see all the major tourist attractions. and again when i'm old with a tour group. (end of email)
I'm totally excited. 


  1. Oh my goodness. Have FUN!!!

  2. Wow. I am so jealous. BTW, is Musee d'Orsay closed for renovation? I thought it was, because de Young had their stuff here (Impressionist etc) and I thought that was the only reason the de Young actually got that exhibit.

    Anyway, have a blast! Eat lots and lots.

  3. Don't forget to buy yourself an Easter outfit! Man, you are gonna have so much fun. Don't forget your phone charger (will it work there??)so you can take lots and lots of pictures. A once in a lifetime trip- I'm so excited for you!!

  4. Bon Voyage:)

  5. Have a GREAT time!!! NO WINE! D

  6. that sounds like so much fun :) have a wonderful time!

  7. YES! YES! YES! So awesome. I'll be copying you in the fall (when I'm done nursing the babe). I can't wait.

    So excited to see/hear about your trip. Bon voyage!


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