That things really haven't changed much

After living in NYC for a few months now, I've come to realize that my life hasn't changed that much. I still do basically all my shopping at Trader Joes. I still exercise a few times a week after dumping the kids off at childwatch. I still attend church in a building that resembles all the churches I ever attended and the lessons are basically the same old same old. So all the basics (food, exercise, religion) have remained the same. Someday I'd like to live outside the US and experience true culture shock.

Picture of Ella in Mexico on my iPhone last Christmas.


  1. True that!:) One of my favorite quotes,"No matter where you go,there you are."

  2. I like that quote too. I'd like to "be" in the Bahamas right about now. ;)

  3. So, you guys want to move to Germany with us next summer? I miss you guys!

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