NYC taught me not to be fooled

The only way to salvage a day filled with freezing rain is to go to Le Pain Quotidien, a cafe that is trying desperately not to look like a chain restaurant. There are 27 in NYC, 12 in CA, and even 3 in Kuwait. I could go on and on listing its random locations. Le Pain is obviously a chain when you look at the numbers. But it fooled me because it doesn't feel chainy. It's known for fresh breads and a communal table. The table is a gorgeous solid piece that splits the restaurant right down the middle. Today my kids and I shared the table with a woman drinking tea, two friends, and some other people at the far end. I usually order a waffle because it's fat sugar crystals make me happy. Today, however, I ate a carrot and raisin muffin. Loved. The kids ordered hot chocolate and shared a huge Manhattan chocolate chip cookie. What's special is the waiter presents them with steamed milk and a little pot of chocolate that they stir in themselves. They drink it up with their spoons and call it chocolate soup.  So because of all of its goodness I can overlook that it tricked me into thinking it was one of a kind the first 3 times I ate there. I remember thinking I was so lucky to have it 2 blocks from my house.  The good news is it won't be long before you are just as lucky as I am and a Le Pain is built in your town. Below is a picture of the boys spinning around the Please Wait to Be Seated sign.


  1. We're regulars at Le Chickfila. ha.

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I've only been in NYC for under 2 months now & walked past Le Pain just yesterday. Must give it a try as I only live 2 blocks away too :)
    Thank you for this blog! Loving every second of reading. Beautiful photos too. I'm loving how this blog doesn't make you feel so alone moving to a big city and makes you feel excited knowing that there are thousands of things to look forward too :)


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