NYC makes sick days easier

I adore that just about every restaurant in the city delivers. To make things even easier, I order everything without talking to anyone or giving out my credit card info using an app called SeamlessWeb. It stores all my info and I just tap until I have everything I want to eat. And it includes a tip. Today I used SeamlessWeb to order bagels, chicken soup, and a Gatorade for my sick Ella Bean. I had to pick her up early from school because the nurse left me a message: She had a mild stomachache!!! I rushed over with the boys, signed her out, and caught a cab.  On the ride home, I ordered lunch. By the time we got in our door, took off our jackets, our food arrived 10 minutes later. The soup was hot, the gatorade cold. Ella ate a little bit and fell asleep for the rest of the day. I don't know what's up. She feels a little hot. Five years into motherhood and I still don't own a thermometer.


  1. That program sounds awesome! The last thing you want to do is drag a sick kid to the store. :( I hope she feels better.

  2. Hi hi, I just found your blog. I also don-t own a thermometer and have been a mom for 9 years.
    I am from Iceland and moved to Vermont 5 yrs ago.
    NYC is awesome and your blog is one of mine favorite now..

  3. I like your blog very much.City life in NYC sounds awesome.

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