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I was flattered when I got 2 emails from my friends today because both complimented the photos on my blog. They both wanted to know what apps I was using to make the pictures look cool. Perfect timing because I've been feeling like a hack for using apps so my photos look like they were taken with a Holga camera. Or Polaroid Instant film. Or some 1950's vintage camera. I wish I could take photos without working them to death with a digital pre-made filter.  But for now I like the ease of the photo apps and that's that. I use a mix of four photo apps: Camerabag, InfinicamHipstamatic, and NightCamera.  NightCamera is great because it has a timer option (see my Christmas photo) and a rapid fire option (see Owen 25 times). NightCamera has horrible reviews, but I think it's great. When the kids are at the park, I play with the different filters until I find one that I like best. When the filter is found and I like the photo, it's back to hitting refresh refresh refresh on Facebook.
Below is a photo that I took last Friday.  I used NightCamera to take all 25 shots, then used a filter from Infinicam called Document. After the 16th picture was shot, I started running out of ideas. So I made a monkey face. Then the sad clown face shows up for a while. Finally I ended it strong by smiling at an unknown object high in the sky! Always a good option.


  1. I'm always amazed at the quality of pictures you take using a camera phone. Mine takes horrific pictures. Not bad in a cool way, just bad.


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