mystery solved

She had the stomach flu. Now Owen and I have it. It reminds me of morning sickness. I can't even go into the kitchen. What's worse is that I worked out with a personal trainer yesterday. And I can't walk today. All I want to do is drink a ton of water to make my muscles to feel better, but I keep throwing up. I've worked out before so I'm not a stranger to muscle soreness. But this is worse than I've ever felt it. Perhaps it's the dehydration. Ella's lasted 24 hrs so I can't wait to get through this. Boowho. Here's a completely unrelated picture I found on my computer:


  1. That really stinks! The flu alone will make your muscles ache so a big workout on top of that will just make it that much worse. Get better, lady!

  2. I love the new blog BTW. I have been reading it.

    P.S. I'm sorry you feel rotten!

  3. Bummer!! DrinK Gater Aide or something like that NOT WATER for dehydration!!! Hope your feeling better. D


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