about Zabar's

Today we ate lunch at an Upper Westside institution: Zabar's.  This grocery store has been here for over 70 years and it's around 12 blocks from my house and it's mentioned in just about every New York sitcom/movie.  When I spot places like this, I note it for when guests come to town.  I want them to try it all: A baguette, smoked salmon, bagels, something from the cheese counter, and for dessert: Zabar's cinnamon rugelach.  Then walk to my very own Riverside Park for a picnic.  I'm beginning to think of that park as my own vs Central Park. That's another post. 
Next to the grocery store, they have a small deli with tables to eat lunch. Space was tight so I was glad I didn't have my stroller with me. While we ate our grilled cheese sandwiches (which were amazing) and lentil soup, I got a sense of community inside the place. Not that I was apart of it, it was my first time there. But I could tell people were interested in what each other were saying without them joining in on their conversations.  The mom across from me feeding her kid tuna salad looked familiar.  I witnessed old friends being reunited on a whim. The workers were really nice with a NYC edge.  
It's right next to a subway entrance so the pace of the restaurant ebbed and flowed with the coming and goings of the subway lines. I loved lunch and can't wait to go back to explore the grocery store. I can't imagine anything but great things. 
Here's a picture of Owen eating his soup in the corner alone. He preferred it that way. When he saw me take his picture he shouted, "You're ruining my soup, Mom!" It's the only picture I took inside the restaurant. 


  1. This blog has me looking at NY apartments again. Sigh.

  2. "You're ruining my soup, Mom!" hahahaa too funny.

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