About the Marionette Theatre in Central Park

Adored today's show entitled: The Secret History of the Swedish Cottage. The only other marionette show I've seen here was the Big Bad Wolf. That one was alright, but I didn't have that "I have to go back and see it again!" feeling when it was over. This time I did.

It was slower paced, not much dialog, good music, and really beautiful scenes. The storyline was this: in Central Park, there's a Swedish Cottage that houses the marionette theatre. The play answered how it got there in a half true/half fantasy way.

One of my favorite scenes was of the boat carrying the Swedish Cottage across the ocean. The sails on the boat were gorgeous. I took a picture that didnt turn out, of course, but I was so shamelessly excited by those sails! I loved the way the kids gasped when they saw the big wooden wave slide in front of the boat to represent it sinking. Really basic props done well.

When we got home, I googled "puppeteers in NYC" because I would love to see more shows like the one I saw today.  I'm in luck, there's quite a few. Puppetworks in Brooklyn looks amazing.

After we saw the show, we walked to Belvedere Castle. The kids shouted a lot of "Yahoos!" out of pure joy of running and seeing a castle. I forgot to mention that we saw the show with the Harlem cousins: Brian, Emily, and Henrietta.

On the way home, there was a moment when all the kids were sitting/standing on the double stroller at once while I pushed it, and I pretended that I was the nanny, and Brian and Emily were the parents. Brian topped it off by shouting, "Go faster!" haha. It was such a good day.

Above is a picture of Uncle Brian and Owen gazing out of the second level of the castle. Don't exactly know what Brian's pointing to, but whatever it was, Owen was captivated.

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