about catching a cab in the winter

taken today 1pm, Riverside Park. Owen far, Oscar closer

When I find myself at my breaking point, and all I want to do is be home NOW, I go ahead and hail a cab.  Even if I'm two blocks from my apartment. When I first moved to the city in October, I had no problem catching a cab when I reached that point. As soon as the weather got to the 30's, however, it took me 5 minutes. Then when it dropped to the 20's, it took 10 minutes. 10 degrees: forget about it. Shouldn't have been a shocking and unexpected lesson for me, but it was. Today the weather was in the 60's and there was no way I or anyone else in the city was going to waste a minute of it in a cab.  The sidewalks were filled with happy people, dogs, and unfortunately all the trash that was buried inside the snow piles.

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