NYC taught me that i'm paranoid

Every time I let my boys watch TV all morning, I imagine the neighbors are keeping tally of the hours. And silently judging me for not putting them in preschool.


  1. my mom had me watch sesame street and preschool said i was too smart. i was a preschool drop out. on with the morning cartoons!

  2. Don't worry about it. For all "They" know it's just background noise. Plus it's Children's TV not Jerry Springer. Then I would worry. :) They have no idea what kind of Mom you are from just that - and you are an amazing Mom!

  3. I think the same thing about my kids! I swear the upstairs neighbors must think I'm the worst mom. I'm always afraid they are keeping track of our tv hours. Happy I'm not alone.

  4. First kid did 3 years of preschool, because he was so smart...and I had to work. I made sure the next 3 didn't. They're even smarter. Good mom. Who cares what the neighbors think. Maybe they stay up too late drinking.


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