NYC taught me how to act around celebrities

If I see them on the street, I'm not suppose to ask for a picture with them. Also I can't ask for their autograph. It's ok to say hello and then brag about it on Facebook AND my blog. So far this is the list of celebrities Rob and I have seen (and we are counting). 1. Alec Baldwin 2. Piers Morgan 3. Kyra Sedgwick 4. Rachel Ray 5. Bobby Flay 6. Malcom Gladwell 7. Dorothy Vogel 8. John Stattery  Below is my daughter looking as cute and tired as any movie star.


  1. Shoot, would I even RECOGNIZE Malcolm Gladwell? I guess he has that crazy hair. I love Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock. I also have no idea who Piers Morgan is, even after looking at his pic on the link.

  2. I saw a documentary with Sarah Jessica Parker and she said sometimes people come up to her and her husband in NYC and try to play it cool by asking for directions. She giggled and said when they answer they can tell the person isn't really paying attention. ha!

  3. P.S. My kids would be really excited to see Piers Morgan- they love America's Got Talent!


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