NYC taught me about snow days

I went to college in Idaho where it snowed hard from Halloween until the end of Winter semester. I know I took a snow boarding class and went sledding once, but other than that I'm very confused about what I was doing during all those hours available to me to play in the snow. Snow is fun and I think I was too cold or boy crazy to realize it. I feel like Idaho was to snow what twins are to having kids. Too much too soon. Now ten years later, I'm really enjoying it. It was so exciting to get the news this morning that it was an official snow day! I don't remember Idaho ever getting a snow day. The hill by my house was filled with kids, parents, the news crew, and even an EMT. It sounded like a water park as the kids sled down the hill screaming, "yAaahOoo!"


  1. Sounds like your making the best of it. Enjoy!! D

  2. Hi D:)I think I know who you are:)lol

  3. I'm busted!! U got me! Thanks Christine. D

  4. Christine is a nird! D


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