NYC and my kids wore me out today

Tempted not even to write a post in fear that it will quickly turn into a stay-at-home-mom rant. I really wasn't going to write until I started playing with some of my photography apps and took a million self portraits to test them out. And then I found one that I liked. Oh wait.
It's 9:37pm and Owen is shouting, "mom mom come here!" Agh. now he's at my bedroom door. "Mom mom mom mommy. I need cold water I need cold water I need cold waaater". And these are the pictures I just took of him with my newly discovered photography apps (a mix of Night Cam and infinicam). Good night, I'm off to fetch a pail of cold water.


  1. Ah...what we all must go through...been there and done that! Now it's your turn. You will miss this some day when they are all grown up. D

  2. Daaaaaaaad! I need an egg salad sandwich!! ;)

  3. Jeannine-There is no kissing on this blog!! Name the day for the egg salad sandwich. D

  4. Jeannine is a nerd! D


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