NYC taught me how to buy a weeks worth of groceries without a minivan

Take the subway alone to the nearest Trader Joes, fill up my cart as high as I can, and catch a cab home. Tip driver 30% if he helps carry the groceries into the cab AND to the doorstep of my apartment building. Horse drawn carriages are always an option too.

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  1. My car died this past week. Last Sunday, actually. Forever. This car has been my safe harbor for 10 years. It's been the only place I could depend on, and now it's gone. I cried, heartbroken, but then I panicked. I live in a small {teensy} town with 0 cabs. Yep, 0. There are public transportation "buses". As in mostly vans {yay! I can take my babes' carseats!} and a few mini-buses. I threw fits, albeit silently, {are you still reading this? I think I'm rambling} POINT: I thought of you. A woman I've never met, probably never will. A woman whose kids are my kids' ages, neighbors, or classmates. A woman who most likely never reads little blogs like mine and with whom I have little in common. And somehow, through your writing, you made me feel like I could do this. When we need to leave town with our kids {aka, we need to be somewhere that doesn't think "vegetarian and organic" is a synonym for "veterinarian and orgasmic"} we can rent a car. Simple. Thank you, woman whose writing I love and whose blog gave me courage in a week that I said goodbye to my "home".


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