NYC taught me how to buy a weeks worth of groceries without a minivan

Take the subway alone to the nearest Trader Joes, fill up my cart as high as I can, and catch a cab home. Tip driver 30% if he helps carry the groceries into the cab AND to the doorstep of my apartment building. Horse drawn carriages are always an option too.


  1. My car died this past week. Last Sunday, actually. Forever. This car has been my safe harbor for 10 years. It's been the only place I could depend on, and now it's gone. I cried, heartbroken, but then I panicked. I live in a small {teensy} town with 0 cabs. Yep, 0. There are public transportation "buses". As in mostly vans {yay! I can take my babes' carseats!} and a few mini-buses. I threw fits, albeit silently, {are you still reading this? I think I'm rambling} POINT: I thought of you. A woman I've never met, probably never will. A woman whose kids are my kids' ages, neighbors, or classmates. A woman who most likely never reads little blogs like mine and with whom I have little in common. And somehow, through your writing, you made me feel like I could do this. When we need to leave town with our kids {aka, we need to be somewhere that doesn't think "vegetarian and organic" is a synonym for "veterinarian and orgasmic"} we can rent a car. Simple. Thank you, woman whose writing I love and whose blog gave me courage in a week that I said goodbye to my "home".


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