College Update and Ordain Women

I'm so excited to attend Columbia University to get a masters in social work this fall. I'd like to think my college essay played a big part in my acceptance. I wrote mostly about my experience as a Mormon woman. Last Friday, I decided to edit it into a suitable profile for the Ordain Women, an organization of Mormon women seeking equality. I've resisted their movement in the past, but I've changed my mind. I want to help make the LDS church a healthier environment for everyone, especially my daughter. My sons. My family. Everyone. Gender Equality is one of the ways to make it happen. Here's the essay I wrote for Ordain Woman:

Hi, I’m Sharon. A month after my mom died of breast cancer, I flew across the country to attend BYU-Idaho. The year was 2000 and I was 18-years-old. While I mourned her death, I was drawn to messages about motherhood. I read quotes in my college textbooks that said, “Of course, as a woman you can do exceptionally well in the workplace, but is that the best use of your divinely appointed talents and feminine traits?” And, “The divine work of women involves companionship, homemaking, and motherhood” (Eternal Marriage Student Manual, 2001, pp. 347-349). As a life long member of the church, these types of statements always seemed complementary and I accepted them. 

Since I was convinced motherhood was God’s plan for me, I naturally made my goals centered around getting married and becoming a mom. By the age of 25, I was married, staying home to raise my three kids, and had callings in the primary and relief society presidencies. I was living the mormon dream. I knew unfavorable economic, political, social, and cultural institutions to women existed, but if asked, I would have denied I was experiencing one first hand.

It wasn’t until I trained for the 2012 NYC Marathon that I took the time to process my role as a woman. The more I ran, the stronger I became. On my long runs, I was able to spend a lot of time thinking about my role in the LDS church and realize the messages I received during my formative years were damaging, hurtful, and sexist. Over the next 3 years, I would spent a lot of time researching and redefining what womanhood means to me and what roles we should have in the world.

Through it all, I’ve come to this conclusion:

Even though BYU-Idaho still includes the same sexist quotes in their textbooks, I’m grateful for my time there. It’s where I met my wonderful husband, which led to having three amazing kids. It also gave me a strong desire to help eliminate all forms of discrimination and be empathic to issues women face today. Because of that, I regard my life in the LDS Church and my time at BYU-Idaho as a gift. Without these experiences, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. And I quite like myself because I realize what needs to be done.

Women need to be ordained. Not only in the LDS church, but in all religions. Gender equally needs to happen in all organizations. I want to help women, especially my daughter, live in a world where there are no limits. If submitting my profile here helps do that, sign me up! I’m here to support Ordain Women. I’m excited for change.

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Podcast 3: The Diet and Exercise Episode

This is not me. I know. 
Rob and I discuss our struggles with weight-loss and exercise in the latest episode. Check it out our goals and what motivates us. It's sure to inspire. Sort of. We're also on iTunes now. :)

Here's Erika and Mason. We mention them in the podcast. Erika is an amazing personal trainer. And Mason's the guy with the good bod . . . errr work ethic. ;)


Podcast 2: The Point is Rob Doesn't Care

Last podcast Rob and I declared our love for each other, this one ends in a fist fight. Enjoy! It's about our adventures staying in a hotel 10 minutes from our apartment. The indoor swimming pool and hot tub supplied us with almost all the material we needed to make a 15 minutes podcast. Thanks to everyone who listened to the last podcast. Hope you like this one. Feel free to turn it into a drinking game every time Rob says "The point is." or "I don't care." Double up when you hear him sing. It's sure to be a good time.

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Kyle Mooney: My New Celebrity Crush

This one reminds me of myself when I tried to record a new podcast last night. I kept saying it was funny and Rob was like, "No. I can't do this. It's so bad."

SNL Made this video for their 40th Anniversary Special but never aired it:

I still think my roommates are the worst. I say we keep 'em.


NYC Taught Me the Podcast: Episode One, Rob and I Declare Our Love For Each Other Sort-Of

Last Friday I came up with the idea to start a podcast with Rob. And we did it! It's short, 15 minutes. Hope it makes you smile while doing an otherwise boring job like loading the dishwasher. We had fun making it and exposing our unconventional love for each other. We plan on publishing one every Tuesday. Click play below. Links to some of the things we mention in the podcast below.
1. If it sounds like I was disappointed with Valentine's Day, I was. Because, I expected "an amazing, thoughtful, nearly flawless experience, one that is simultaneously fun and romantic, and a night I will remember for the rest of my life." There's no winning.
2. Rob nailed the clothes he got for me though. Here's the awesome cardigan and floppy hat he got me.
3. The article on Cup of Jo about Finnish people enjoying a quiet lunch. Sigh.
4. The microphone I bought Rob for Valentines day.
5. Open Table and Yelp because Rob thinks he discovered them.

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Just One Good Picture

On a hike with my family last week, I announced the time has come. I want one good picture of myself. It's been long enough. I'd estimate it's been a good solid 6 months of awful pictures. If I took a good picture, I'd stare at it and marvel. This is the best one I got from the hike. Still on my losing streak. It's so bad. What gives me hope is when I see average people on the cover of magazines looking amazing. I want what Lena's having. And Tina and Amy.
The worst? THE WORST is when beautiful people make ugly faces in photos to be relatable or something and still look amazing. Ok. We get it. You're pretty even when you try not to be. You're not afraid to be ugly. Cool. Thanks for mocking us.

I fear I'll have to go to a Glamour Shots Studio to solve this problem, but I really don't want to. I want the photo to be taken by accident. After a team of stylist and photographers and graphic designers take care of it. Start snapping.


Career Update: Grad School Applications are IN!!!!!

On New Years Eve, my family and I told each other our biggest fears of 2015. Mine was that I wasn't going to fill out my social work grad school applications. I was worried the deadlines would pass and I would shrug my shoulders and tell everyone, "Maybe next year." But I don't have to because I've submitted my applications on time! Now I just have to wait for the results. They should come in around March. I'll be devastated if I don't get accepted, but at least I tried. If I get in, 2015 will be marked as one of my favorite years ever.
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